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Modeling Agencies around the world are always on the lookout for top model talent. The real question is what will it take for you to stand out from the crowd? 

The answer is simple - you must have an 'edge', something that differentiates you from the average model who walks into an agency in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago or London. was created to provide male and female models with three things that will cause top agencies to stop and take a second look.

First, as a potential elite model you need a web presence. Preferably your own website with your modeling name - something like you find at This will give you a professional vibe.

Second,  you need to build your presence on all the major social media sites.  Scouts definitely look around and look online and will lean towards giving a big modeling job to someone who already has a fan base. 

Thirdly, you need to get a PR agent or agency to help you build your brand name. This is what celebrities have know for years but for some reason has been forgotten about in the model and photography industry.

Of course don't forget that the devil is in the details. For example, simply building a website won't get you modeling jobs. There are currently billions of websites on the internet and no one is going to find yours just because you build it. 

That of course is where social media and a good PR agency can help you. So really someone trying to become the next top model needs to have two groups working on their behalf: A traditional modeling agency AND a PR agency or agent. 

One feeds the other because casting agents want to look good and not get embarrassed. So they will be looking for social 'proof' that the new male or female modelling applicants already have a following. Or at the very least have already done some good photography work.

The sad truth is that in the glamorous world of the runway and Hollywood no one wants to take a chance on new talent. So your job is simple, create the appearance that you are not a big risk. 

Show them your work, your website, your loyal followers, and all the articles and press that show you are well on your way to becoming a next top model.

Model agencies don't have to be the scary monsters they are so often made out to be. Education and preparation are the key.

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