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romance for the successful and attractive
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Shirley Rousnack
Attractive Female
Austin, Texas 
United States
Join Type: Model
Experience Level: Advanced
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 5'11" in/180 cm
Weight: 131-135 lbs/59-61 kg
Level Of Comfort:(PG) Conventional,(PG-13) Implied Nudity
Ethnicity: Latino,
White Latino
Zodiac Sign: sagittariusSagittarius
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About Me
Personality Type: Guardian
My overall appearance: Perfect Ten
What is your body type: Athletic and toned
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Dark Brown
Body art: None
Best physical feature: Butt
Where I was born: Venezuela
Languages I speak: English,Spanish
Interests I want to share with others: Art,Beaches,
Dancing,How often do you exercise?,
Performing Arts,Playing Sports,
Walking,Watching Sports,
Wine Tasting
Who I Want To Meet
Primarily Interested in working with:Employer
I want to work with someone who specializes in: Hiring For Photo Shoots,Hiring For Events,
Hiring For TV,Hiring For Film,
Hiring For Music Videos,Hiring For Conventions,
Hiring For Agency Work,Hiring For Video Shoots
Secondarily interested in working with:Employer,Photographer
Age:25-75 y/o
Location:Anywhere in my country (United States)
My Overall Description

I want just to said the importants things why i know some one will love work with me! and that is bcuz i am profesional ,always on time,i have class, respect and education,easy to follow instructions and always pay attention in little details. and one more thing! I LOVE LEARN ABOUT EVERYTHING! and I do have Special respect and admiration for the experience.
Description Of Who I Want To Meet
Talking about art and modeling, i love and have passion for everything about this! is why always dream work with peopple feel the same like me about it and give all the dedication this need! I will love have the oportunity to work with great profesionals, people who really know what they doing and always day by day trying to be better and better in everything. I will love work with a good team where always we can help each other and work together so in that way everything can be better. people with natural talent is what i will love to find and people where i can learn from. I think this will be amazing! :) i will love work with people from any where in USA.
More About Me
My Physical Appearance:
i am so beautiful and exotic girl, my body is in perfect porportion, i am not just beautiful and i said that bcuz i think the beauty is not everything in this world and pass really fast with the time, I have other things like my confident personality and how positive person i am no matter what, always just a simple and honest smile plus said to some one words like: YOU CAN DO IT! is all what we need to hear some times in the middle of hard and sad moments, just that can make the difference, is why i always said: YOU CAN DO IT!
My Personality:
Sentimental but Strong, always obtimist no matter what, i believe always is a solution for everithing. i am clear and always show my feelings and i wait always people be the same with me. i believe in the justice and perseverance!
My Background:
hahaha this is a long history! well i born in the beautiful country of Venezuela, my parents from Argentina and Colombia. My Father born in Santa Fe Argentina and his parents are from Italy and Spain, my beauiul mother born in Barranquilla Colombia and her parents are from Norway and pollish. Yes i know! no really small mix. ;)1
My Secondary Activity:
Glamour,Print/Editorial,Fashion,Sport/Fitness,Swimwear,Hair,Fine Art,Lingerie,Art Nude
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